Difference between IT and CSE.

CSE(Computer Science & Engineering) and IT(Information Technology) both are quite similar in some or the other manner. I always have come across students who are confused between these two fields because of the lack of the understanding of the minute differences and similarities between the two engineering streams.

Subsequently, aspirants should also be aware about their own interest/s and in which area would they like to make their career in? Or which one do they think will ensure a better future for them? Considering these points, let’s discuss the difference between both these engineering fields:
CSE : Computer Science Engineers are involved in many aspects of computing, from the design of individual microprocessors, personal computers and supercomputers to circuit designing and writing software that powers them.
IT:  Information Technology deals with the use of electronic computers and computer software to store, protect process, transmit and securely retrieve data. IT professionals perform a variety of tasks that range from installing applications to designing complex computer networks and information databases.
The major  difference between both these field is that IT deals with the application of computing technology to real life processes, while, Computer Science deals with the science that facilitates these applications. To make it short and simple, Computer Science is the creation of software and hardware by using different programming skills. On the other hand, IT is just the selection of the proper software or hardware for the task.

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